Smackdown Live 3/28/17 – The Scores, The Flaws and The Snores

You know Cena is super serious when he takes his wrist bands off!

The final Smackdown, and final main roster show before Wrestlemania is done, so let’s go through the Scores, the Flaws, and The Snores.

The Scores

  • You got a set?
    The Miz is the best part of Smackdown Live, and has been for a while now. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but he is a true “heel”. He has real heat, which is a rare thing in the WWE these days if your name isn’t Roman Reigns.
    Let it never be said WWE doesn’t know how to nail a parody, even if it’s a parody of their own product. Miz and Maryse hit every beat imitating Cena and Nikki, and Miz’s Daniel Bryan had me laughing out loud. Special mention to the guy holding the cards with “Cena’s” lines. Double special mention to Miz knocking off the humor and selling the match at the end of the parody.But let’s get to the promo. John Cena. Every now and then you remind those of us who were around for the Doctor of Thuganomics just how savage you can get with a microphone. From implying Miz is lacking in a certain area, to saying the only good thing Miz has done in his career is parody. And Maryse wasn’t out of the line of fire either. “If you search the WWE Network for the Best of Maryse, you’ll come up with zero results” All in all, John Cena delivered probably his best promo since his feud with The Rock, and brought my interest level well up for this match. This is the “SCORE OF THE NIGHT”
  • The first son has left the nest.
    Luke Harper’s evolution is happening. 2017 will be a very interesting year for him. Tonight we saw a slightly new look after a great promo, and he proved to be a credible threat to Bray Wyatt, yet still had some lingering allegiance it seems to The Eater of Worlds. Definitely a main-event worthy match, and if Smackdown had ended there, it would have been wonderful. (I’ll get to the actual end of the show soon)
  • A civil contract signing? Impossible!
    We kicked off tonight with a contract signing for AJ Styles and Shane McMahon’s Wrestlemania match. The crowd was all over the place, cheering AJ when he agreed with Shane’s sentiment that AJ was phenomenal, but booed him when he declined to shake Shane’s hand at the end of the segment. I am intrigued to see what Shane will do in a traditional wrestling match. As AJ put it, Shane can’t use weapons, or put him through tables, or even spend lots of time outside the ring. Ref bump anybody?
  • You Glow Girl!
    Naomi is back, and she’s in the Wrestlemania match. She also had the moment of the night with that incredible running Hurricanrana on the ramp to Natalya. Seriously. I doubt a lot of the male talent could do that. Is she the favourite now?

The Flaws

Just a few tonight, but they’re big ones.

  • Commercials break the action.
    Now I know this isn’t just my cable provider, because Smackdown live is, well, live. But what was with all the commercials tonight? I can live with one break in a match, but in the women’s match tonight we had two commercial breaks. In fact, every match tonight had a break in it. In the main event we missed a massive move because of it. Ease up WWE. Ease up.
  • RK-No.
    What was with that Randy Orton promo? Was it a recap? Did my feed cut out early? Why was he not also in the ring hitting a surprise RKO on Bray? I like the continuity with the.. I don’t remember what Randy called the thing he stabbed into the ground, but I liked that. I just don’t understand how that hypes us up for the match.
  • No tag match for you!
    Why, oh why, is there a Raw Tag Team Title match at Wrestlemania, but not a Smackdown Tag Title match? The audience will never see the two brands as equals if you relegate one brand’s champions to a pre-show Battle Royal. Here’s your solution WWE. American Alpha vs Uso’s rematch. Simple. Why can’t we have this?
  • No Intercontinental title either!
    If you don’t have the WWE network, you’re probably asking “Where were Dean Ambrose & Baron Corbin”? Yep. They weren’t on the show at all. They WERE on Talking Smack, where, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, Dean Ambrose muted Baron Corbin with a remote control.
    To be fair, Baron stormed on the set after this and delivered a hell of a promo. But, the damage is done. Again, how can we see the shows as equal if one show’s titles are given less time?
  • That’s gotta be… 1998!
    Just a quick one. One of those Wrestlemania rewind moments showed Pete Rose, and then Kane coming out to Tombstone him. This happened at Wrestlemania 14, which occurred in 1998. The graphic on the video said 1997. Come on WWE. (yes I’m nitpicking).

The Snores

  • 10 jobber tag.
    Ok they’re not all jobbers, but as I said before, how can we take the Tag Titles seriously if they’re not being defended at Wrestlemania? Dolph had a moment in the match but you just know he’s not going to win on sunday.
    I also want to make mention of JBL running down some of the talent. Your audience listens and forms opinions based on what you say as a commentator. How are we meant to see people who are run down and made fun of in that way, as anything but a joke?
    Back to the match. The crowd was really engaged which is great, but the match fell flat on TV.
  • Women’s Singles/Tag/brawl match
    This was really confusing and seemed like it was very last minute. I do understand having to promote 5 (and then 6) women for one match, and how that has to be equal, but just put them all in singles matches or start it as a tag match. Why did that match not just get thrown out? Logic problems are frustrating. And with the match being announced as a “6 Pack Challenge” it seems pretty obvious that no “divas from the past” will be brought back.And that’s all there is tonight. Overall I really enjoyed this week, especially Miz/Maryse & Cena/Nikki’s segment. All of the wrestling was solid, if not great, and everything flowed together nicely. Some weird omissions is my main problem this week.

    Keep ALL the titles relevant McMahon!

    I’ll be back in the next couple of days with NXT results, and Wrestlemania (and takeover) predictions!


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