Monday Night Raw 3/20/17: The Scores, The Flaws and The Snores

This was a rough one guys.

Before I start though, just a quick apology. This is meant to be a weekly thing, and I already missed a week. I’m sorry about that. I’m dealing with some health issues and they get the better of me sometimes. But I’m back this week!

And what a week to get back into things. What, oh what could we possibly all want to talk about?

No not that. Of course, I’m talking about the Mores, the Flaws and the Snores for the March 20th edition of Monday Night Raw!


  • Triple H
    It’s easy to say that Triple H is one of the best ever. His matches and title reigns and longevity prove that, regardless of what anyone wants to say about “burying talent” or “marrying into the family”. This week’s interview though, to me, was a perfect example of what makes him one of the greatest. In an instant he turned the crowd (we’ll get to them later) and had them cheering his every word, when 5 seconds earlier they were trying to hijack his segment. This new evolution (yep) of his character into what I’m going to call “Don Hunter” is fantastic, and knowing that he can still go just adds to that. Non-sanctioned for Rollins/HHH is interesting as well. As long as Seth wears jeans a-la HBK 2002.
  • Mick Foley, and Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn
    I’m going to include Mick Foley’s (seemingly) final promo in this as well as the opening match, because they’re intertwined. Mick has been hit and miss, but tonight, especially before Stephanie came out to the ring, he nailed it. I also LOVE the idea of this Triple H-guy faction, that hopefully becomes an official thing soon.
    The match was excellent as well. Initially I didn’t like the finish, but it works. Sami is the perpetual underdog and losing doesn’t ever seem to hurt him. Samoa Joe is brutal and dominating, and delivers every week. Plus, that suicide dive was sweet.
  • The Highlight Reel
    Drink it in maaaaannnnnn. I do wish Jericho would lay off the something it in maaaannnn phrases, but the crowd love them. Did anyone ever really think that a clipboard would be more over than the WWE Universal champion? And, conversely, did anyone ever doubt that Chris Jericho would be able to get a clipboard over? The man is the GOAT.
    The use of real life moments gives this feud even more steam and makes it feel even bigger too. And once again, Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens working together to get KO the advantage over Jericho just makes me want to see more. KO rubbed it in even more by recreating the Y2J pose after powerbombing Jericho.
  • The main event & the end of Raw
    Braun is in for a big year. Enough said. Once again delivering the goods, and the crowd was right behind him. We got “Let’s go Roman/Roman Sucks” chants, proving even more that he is the new Cena, but hopefully not proving that WWE won’t give him a shot at being a heel.Great match.
    And then the bells tolled. And we got, to be fair, a fairly paint by numbers Undertaker appearance. Lights down, lights up, Taker middle of ring, chokeslam, spear, sit up, eyes. But at this point, I want that. The only thing that felt off to me was Undertaker realising he’d turned his back on Roman and making that “damn, I messed up” face. That didn’t feel very “Undertaker”. Other than that, it was great. Roman looks strong (of course) but Undertaker got up and rolled the eyes. I also liked the subtle nod to Undertaker from Roman with the camera angles as he walked back up the ramp.
  • Austin Aries
    The most exciting part of the Cruiserweight division. Hopefully he gets a run with that title. That five-arm is brutal.
  • The New Day
    Just a quick one, not getting into any of the events of the last few days, but WWE handled it very well. A subtle nod, and then moving on immediately. Well done.


  • Nia Jax
    So, let me get this straight. Nia lost (by DQ) to Bayley last week, and her reward is another match against the champion, and a potential Wrestlemania spot? I know WWE takes jumps in logic quite often, but that’s more of a leap off of a cliff. The match was made no DQ as well. Yet, Sasha, and Charlotte just stood by and watched on screens as their chances of winning at Wrestlemania went from 33% to 25%. Things need to make sense, and that did not.
  • The Lesnar/Goldberg recaps
    Slow motion match replays, rehashing the same old thing over and over again, and trying to tell us why we should care about Goldberg being champion, when he isn’t there this week, and the last thing we saw is him getting F-5’d. The champion should be around every week leading up to Wrestlemania, part-timer or not.
  • The Crowd
    Seriously. CM Punk chants might be fun for you, and you may feel cool, but you’re just being annoying. And I’m saying this as a MASSIVE Punk fan. Just stop. The show isn’t about you, it’s about the stories and wrestling going on in that ring.


  • TJ Perkins vs Kendrick
    Cruiserweights. I love Brian Kendrick but this week was nothing special. I liked the sliced bread, but TJ Perkins puts me to sleep.
  • Charlotte vs Dana Brooke
    The timing of this is really odd. I guess it’s so that if (and probably when) Charlotte wins at Wrestlemania she can say she did it on her own, with no-one else’s help, but the timing of the Dana/Charlotte split… it’s just odd. Maybe Emma and Dana will reform their team? Whatever happens, it’s odd. And the match was just ok.
  • The Handicap Tag Team Match
    Why did this happen in this way? Why not put, I don’t know, The Shining Stars with Gallows and Anderson, and if they win, they take Sheamus & Cesaro’s spot?
    Maybe because then we’d never believe anything but a Sheamus/Cesaro victory would happen. Still, this match made no sense.
  • Stephanie McMahon
    Don’t get me wrong, Stephanie is great. She’s a great heel, and a great authority figure. But something just felt off this week. Maybe it was because she was going after Foley’s “friends”, but it just feels like too much of a leap in logic that she, as the boss, could get away (in this day and age) with trying to screw people out of contracted matches. Maybe I’m reading too much into it though.And there we go, that’s all for this week. Smackdown is tomorrow, and I’m also working on a piece about Talking Smack and how refreshing and must-see it is.

    Cheers! Let’s talk again soon!


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