Monday Night Raw 3/6/17: The Scores, The Flaws and The Snores

They got me. I’ll admit it. WWE, you got me. For a few minutes there, I actually believed they were going to do something unpredictable, something that 12 months ago, would have been unthinkable (and in fact, was so unthinkable plans for it were axed), something that would have been interesting.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Welcome to the first Monday Night More, my (mostly) weekly re-cap of the Scores, the Flaws, and the Snores of Monday Night Raw. We’ve got a few things to cover this week, so let’s get down to business.


  • Goldberg took a bump!
    That was unexpected. But necessary. Now we know he can be hurt. Up until now he’s basically been an invincible spear and jackhammering machine. Paul Heyman, as usual delivered above and beyond with his promo.
  • Austin Aries.
    We were treated to multiple viewings of his package both last night at Fastlane and during tonight’s episode, but beyond that, now we know he’s healed up and going to be back in action sooner rather than later. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived gets a shot on Raw and 205 Live, which is where he belongs.
  • Undertaker is back!


  • Undertaker vs Braun Strowman/Roman Reigns.
    It was teased. It could be something special. The staredown. The big man vs the big man. The up-and-comer vs the grizzled veteran. How would the aging Undertaker be able to overcome the sheer strength of Braun? How would he lift him for the Tombstone? Unfortunately, we won’t find out the answers to these questions, because Roman Reigns decided to step in. Sure, it will be a fine match. But, a predictable match, if Roman’s recent history is anything to go by. If they’re comfortable handing Strowman his first loss EVER at Fastlane.. Beating Undertaker at Wrestlemania can’t be too unlikely. Let’s just hope the WWE is smart enough to listen to the crowd reaction. Reigns was almost universally (see what I did there?) booed tonight.
  • The New Day.
    I’m bored. Last night I tweeted “It’s a toilet break, yes it is” during their segment. (follow me at @stcwrestlingDG). Don’t get me wrong, Big E, Kofi, and Xavier are all great, but something needs to change with them, and it feels like it needs to happen soon. Maybe at the post Wrestlemania Raw?
  • Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari.
    I don’t understand the “HUH” thing Tozawa does. I love his finish, but this match didn’t do anything for either guy, and it was basically an ad for 205 Live.


  • The opening segment.
    I was hoping we would get a much more serious Chris Jericho, and in some ways we did, but my favourite thing about Y2J is his ability to re-invent himself, change-up his character and stay fresh. This felt like the same Jericho with the volume turned way down. Which makes sense, but didn’t help build the match.
    I like that the US Championship is on the line, but it’s not believable that Kevin Owens would be happy going for that title 24 hours after losing the Universal championship. It’s just not. My hope is that it becomes a no DQ match or something like that. After the events of the Festival of Friendship, a regular match won’t cut it.
  • The Raw Women’s Championship.
    The match was fine, it just never seemed in doubt that Sasha would be a part of Wrestlemania. It’s a shame Becky Lynch can’t be a part of the match, because having all Four Horsewomen in the ring at the same time would be incredible.
  • Stephanie belittling CM Punk to shut the crowd up.
    I understand it but there must be better ways to get heat than by calling the guy a loser.
  • The Tag Team Title picture.
    There are rumours of Enzo and Cass splitting, which would be awful. I didn’t like the finish to the match, and I think a better solution would be a 3 way dance at Wrestlemania.

So there you have it, the Scores, the Flaws and the Snores for this week’s Raw.
I’ll be back for Smackdown, and then a detailed recap of all of this week’s action over the weekend.


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